The Art of Multimasking

Let's face it, skincare trends come and go. One trend that's made its  way onto our radar is "multimasking". If you’re unfamiliar with the term, multimasking involves using more than one type of face mask on your skin at the same time.

Face masks can be hugely beneficial for your skin, giving it an instand boost of whatever it may be missing, our extracting excess gunk and toxins. If you, like many, combination skin or simply ou can reap the benefits of different types of masks—that’s where multimasking comes in.

One of the best benefits of multimasking is that it lets you treat yourself to a spa-like experience at home, without worrying about whether a mask might not be right for certain areas of your face.

Say, for instance, you have a very oily T-zone, but dry, flaky skin on your cheeks. Using an oil-absorbing mask might be great for your nose, chin, and forehead, but not ideal for the rest of your face. The opposite is also true: A rich hydrating mask to soothe your cheeks doesn’t work for the oilier areas of your skin.

Of course, these are only some suggestions as to how to multimask. The true beauty of multimasking is that it lets you customize a mix of face masks that works best for you. It also lets you switch up your routine if your skin changes slightly because of seasonal or environmental changes. Multimasking lets you become your very own aesthetician, without paying a spa entry fee!

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